Keynotes that unleash innovation.

I speak internationally about the inner-workings of innovation, how to create environments that inspire ingenuity, and how emerging technologies are transforming the way brands connect with audiences.


I simply aim to blow minds and inspire people to build remarkable products and services. I believe that audience members at the dozens of events I speak at each year should walk away not only with an arsenal of new ideas, but also experience a transformative shift in how innovation shapes business, the modern world, and how they live their lives.

As a result, I focus on the forest and the trees—deep insights that provoke thoughts about how data-driven platforms are changing the world, how advanced technologies require not only social responsibility but also moral integrity, and how we can leverage our collective intelligence and creativity to design a better world.

“Nikos literally left the audience stunned, inspired, and ready to take action. He captivated everyone with both theory and practice about how innovation works. I can’t recommend a better speaker to get people excited about their respective event. The content is just right for inspiring collaboration and new ideas to emerge.”

Dylan Thomas-Huxley, VP Marketing, Infolink Systems

What Makes My Keynotes Unique


My unique content about how to create innovative environments is structured in a way to get people excited about the conference they are attending. It ignites the event with energy—provoking curiosity, and a proactive call to action for the audience to fully participate and engage with the content, therefore achieving a more optimal overall experience for the entire event.


Every talk is customized to drive maximum value for each audience. I work closely with event producers to ensure that the message resonates with them, drawing core examples from their specific industry, and tailor every presentation for optimal relevance so the audience can immediately apply the content to be more productive and innovative.


Inspiration alone cannot drive change. My speeches have a very strong call to action so audiences are ready to participate more wholeheartedly throughout the course of the event. The content literally infuses the audience with eager anticipation to experience a wealth of light bulb moments throughout the event.

“Mind-blowing. Nikos’s presentation was phenomenal. He really inspired everyone to participate and collaborate more over the course of our conference. Nikos makes big ideas happen.”

Brice Dunwoodie, CEO, DX Summit

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