Mindshare is Complete! Let the Fun Begin!

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As of today, I have completed my book. I have submitted my last revisions, after going back and forth with my editor about a dozen times. I honestly thought that I was done, or at least close to the finish line, back in November of last year. But after an independent publishing company, Motion Publishing, selected my project and partnered with me, the book got a fresh set of legs (think Lebron James after a long summer), and Mindshare was elevated to a whole new level, with the help of Motion’s lead editor, Karen Gill.

I’d been working on the book in small stints since about 2007. But it really started to kick into gear in December of 2010, when I decided to focus my efforts on building a platform with a collection of all of my ideas, all of my favorite quotes and musings, and pretty much all of my insights about creativity through the years. The experiment was to see if an overarching idea would manifest through the process of curating hundreds of great ideas about design, the creative process, and the psychology of branding and innovation. This was a slow hunch that had been simmering in me as far back as in college, when I first read James Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

There was something about this archetype of how ideas travel from the unconscious, into the imagination, and get expressed onto the world. Strip away the form, and you still have its essence. This process is metaphysical in nature, and it fascinated me–how ideas jump from physical to psychological to digital planes, and beyond. I needed to understand this invisible essence, how the process works, and how it shapes business, industries, the world, and ourselves. Mindshare evolved from brand awareness–which is merely the result of four other essential elements: creative commerce, collective intelligence, consciousness, and optimal experience.

To say the least, the experiment was a success. It’s really amazing to experience a creative project coming to fruition, after so much pain–endless bouts of self-doubt and lizard brain battles, barreling through each iteration so awkwardly, constantly removing imperfections until blood spilled out of my ears. Not to say that this work is perfect–far from it, but it’s alive–a living, breathing, animal of its own, and it has a lot to say about the essence of creativity.

Mindshare: Igniting Creativity and Innovation Through Design Intelligenceis about how organizations and individuals can use design strategies to be more innovative, distinctive, and successful. But it’s also about our essential nature, how to use our creative instinct to live a more fulfilling life, and how creativity shapes the modern world. The awareness of this process achieves mindshare—an intrinsic collective power that has the potential to help us design a better world. 

I didn’t just want to write a book about creativity and innovation. There are plenty of books like this–Jonah Lehrer’s Imagine, Steven Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From, Ken Robinson’s Out of Our Minds, and Keith Sawyer’s Explaining Creativity–are my favorites. Instead, I wanted to write a book that was both about creativity and also a conscious embodiment of its essential elements. In order to do this, the book needs to be creative. It needs to be innovative by consciously participating in that which it explores and illustrates. I’m very proud to have–at the very least for myself, created something that met these objectives.

I’m also blessed to have a nimble publisher that is on the cutting edge of the business–a publisher that is more innovative than any traditional shop in the space right now, one who knows the significance of putting creative power back in the hands of authors and knows how to make a remarkable product–especially when the book is about how to make remarkable creations come to life. This automatically sets a standard for itself–so the bar was pretty high, and I believe that we absolutely crushed it. There is no bar. Only a skyline.

Now that the easy part is done (ha!), it’s time to kick marketing into gear. I’m so utterly late on this. Good thing my PR agency is stellar. The fun is about to begin. I apologize to readers for being MIA the past few months, as I’ve been really heads down and working late at night to make sure this beast is beautiful. Not to mention I’m still SVP of operations and marketing at digitaladtech–which means there isn’t really a whole lot of room for thumb-twiddling. I managed to stay disciplined throughout the process, writing from 5 AM-7AM, then again at 8PM-11PM after the gym. And pretty much all throughout my weekends. Which is why you haven’t seen me at Ruby, the Grand, or Vessel lately, party people! Which is also why my wife was ready to kill me. Plenty of party time coming this way for sure. There will be much to celebrate. Don’t get me wrong, I burned out about five times in the last six months. But I managed to find another gear every time.

Oh well. I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Stay tuned, as I’ll be blogging much more frequently now, as I gear up for launch–which is still slated for late July. A select group will be receiving early press review copies–this includes my family and friends, and avid supporters, but the book will be available nationwide, wherever books are sold come August. I will also be planning various events surrounding launch, and will be posting my media segments here as well, so I hope you could join me as I kick this bad boy off. It’s going to be a hell of a ride.

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