Nikos Acuna

Nikos Acuña is a creativity and innovation specialist, seasoned marketing technology executive, and entrepreneur. He is currently the Director of Emerging Strategy at Rocket Fuel, an adtech company focused on realizing the potential of how machine intelligence and deep learning can solve business and marketing challenges, and help shape the digital landscape as a result. He is also the founder of Nioverse Media—a creativity, innovation, and design company.

Nikos has spent the majority of his career with a focus on achieving mindshare for his clients and the companies he works for, with 15 years of experience in driving revenues through strategic communications: building value, branding, digital advertising, PR, and cross-platform integration, having worked on both the media and agency sides of the business across multiple vehicles, channels, and digital platforms to amplify brand and customer experiences.

Nikos has conducted hundreds of presentations, keynotes, and provided panel expertise around the world, across a variety of industries, conferences, and company events. He aims to blow minds through a sweeping view of technology ecosystems and how these tools and platforms will transform the way we interact with devices, content, and each other.