Mindshare Synopsis

The term mindshare has been used to illustrate consumer awareness or the popularity of a brand. It’s what all
advertisers aim to achieve in order to drive sales. But there are more profound implications here that go deeper
than influencing purchase behavior. Mindshare is a really form of creative commerce and collaborative innovation.
When brands aim to connect with us through unspoken gestures and aspirations that enhance the human condition,
mindshare becomes a gift—an instrument of optimal experience that ignites transformation. In this illuminating new
perspective on how creativity shapes the modern world, Nikos Acuña—a creativity, innovation, and marketing thought
leader, embarks on a personal journey to examine the inherent processes embedded in creativity and innovation from a
variety of perspectives.

You’ll learn how Apple’s design-driven innovation strategies create optimal brand experiences for their customers and
how Chris Anderson and TED have created a revolutionary education platform that amplifies genius on a global scale.
You’ll discover how Charles Darwin’s hunch led to the most important scientific discovery of the nineteenth century, and
how Anthony Robbins uses alchemy and innovation psychology to create an indestructible state of mind. You’ll meet the
neuro-anatomist who discovers the meaning of life while having a stroke. You’ll learn why your lizard brain sabotages
you and how your Daemon inspires you to be visionary. Ultimately, you will learn how the essence of life is driven by
a creative instinct that designed the universe itself and learn how this process is expressed through fractal patterns of

Told in a rich lyrical style, Mindshare is a portrait of the modern creative mind and a narrative of its process, a
practical guide and a plea for ambition that captures the imagination by exploring the dynamic nature of creativity and
innovation as a multi-faceted and integrated craft. Mindshare suggests that building a remarkable brand, overcoming
any challenge, and achieving anything in life can be found in understanding one truth—that innovation is driven by the
same inherent creative instinct that fuels our desires, seeks pleasure, strives to be better, and craves to discover new
worlds. It’s a process that seeks optimal design, shifts from chaos to order, from that which is unconscious to that which
is conscious—a metaphysical process of transformation that strives toward knowledge and a state of perfection.

There are countless books about ideas but this is the only book that explores innovation within the audacious scope and
framework that truly illustrates its paradoxical and kaleidoscopic nature—the fact is that innovation is both creative
and destructive, optimal and disruptive, it’s a product and a process, stable and dynamic, personal and collective,
chaotic, self-reflexive, physical, psychological, fragmented, and unified—all at the same time. In the tradition of
Steven Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From, Sir Ken Robinson’s Out of Our Minds, and Jonah Lehrer’s Imagine,
Mindshare empowers you with the notion that creativity is an intrinsic collective power that reveals a groundbreaking
worldview—that the essence of life is not to survive but to create.