USA Best Book Awards Winner Foreword Magazine's Book of the Year

A veritable tour de force. Nikos Acuña masterfully explores the art and science of the creative process. I strongly recommend this thought-provoking book.

– Adrian Bejan, author of Design in Nature

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Marketers often use the term mindshare to illustrate the popularity of a brand. But its implications go much deeper than influencing purchase behavior. Mindshare is a gift—a form of creative commerce and collective intelligence. Told in a rich, lyrical style, Mindshare is a portrait of the modern creative mind and a narrative of its process, a practical guide, and a plea for ambition that captures the imagination by exploring the dynamic nature of creativity and innovation as a multifaceted, integrated craft and the creation of consciousness.

This book explores innovation within the audacious scope and framework that truly illustrates its paradoxical and kaleidoscopic nature. It empowers us with the notion that innovation is an intrinsic collective power driven by the same creative instinct that fuels our desires, seeks pleasure, strives to be better, and dares to discover new worlds. This reveals a groundbreaking worldview—that the essence of life is not survival but creation. Building a remarkable brand, overcoming any challenge, and achieving anything in life are the result of design intelligence.

Mindshare is about how organizations and individuals can use design strategies to be more innovative, distinctive, and successful. But it’s also about our essential nature, how to use our creative instinct to live a more fulfilling life, and how creativity shapes the modern world. The awareness of this process achieves mindshare—an intrinsic collective power that has the potential to help us design a better world.


A book for visionaries who seek the fuel to open new spaces and fill them with meaningful value.

– John Creson, chief design and innovation officer, Addis Creson

“Business today is less about persuading and more about truly moving people at a deeper, connective level. Mindshare delivers both the art and science of how to ignite as well as fan the flames of those connections.”

– Ann Handley, Author of Content Rules

“Nikos Acuña has crafted a broad and interesting perspective on creativity to help you think more purposefully about your most important work.”

– Todd Henry, author of The Accidental Creative

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Mindshare Now a Finalist in Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year Awards

Mindshare continues its success in the awards circuit, having been announced as a Finalist in Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year Awards in the Social Sciences category

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Mindshare Picks Up the 2012 USA Best Book Award in Psychology, the premier online magazine and review website for mainstream and independent publishing houses, announced the winners and finalists of THE 2012 USA BEST BOOK AWARDS on November 16, 2012.


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